Minimaps Vol 2 and other etcetera

~1100 fog instances * 2 maps = ~2200 fog instances, and can be created in the 12 seconds it takes for the load game intro to play out.  Approximately 8 seconds actually, on a vanilla i7-2600 (3.4 GHz).  I am still uncomfortable with so many game objects lying about, but they are lightweight (6×6 pixels).  The second map mentioned earlier is for the menu screen, where the user can move around the map and zoom in/out.  A sort of warp functionality may be added in the future.  I’ll continue to look for a better, less brute-forced solution, but so far this doesn’t seem to cause any issues.  Other developers have mentioned applying the same method, and that makes me feel better about it.

Another developer, who just created a very successful game recently, said that he created the first area and began ‘shopping it around’.  With this information I have made it my goal to complete the first area.  This includes all of the weapon mechanics, most of the menu options, some enemies, three tracks (the menu, the landing area, and the boss music), the first area (probably the size of Crateria), and a boss battle.  As it stands, I have developed a lot of groundwork for the weapon mechanics, some of the artwork, and none of the sound effects.  At this point I would say I am about halfway towards completing the first goal.

In the next post, I’ll talk about the player input, and how I plan to negotiate that challenge.

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